kala marie

09 Feb, 2014 08:04 PM
i cant do anything 
trapped in the place i call home
binded by the words of my mother
driving my mad with every no 

hating to wake up to deal with it 
hating to eat to face them 
hating life for never letting me live
hating them for shackling me in this dull home

living like this isnt living 
isnt life 
i may be breathing 
but it takes all my might

hating all for being locked away
shying away from light or help 
from any who offer
for i am scared to lean on anyone 

scared to leave 
for im binded to this home
for im blinded by the light
and hurt by the feeling of compassion

living life minute by minute
because im trapped 
by those i love 
in a dull place i call home.
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