Death Shall Come


23 Dec, 2014 11:11 PM
Death shall come
And take me away.
Leaving where he is from,
To tell me I’m done with my play.

He’ll pick me up
As I say goodbye.
He flies up,
As I prepare to die.

This isn't fun,
As we fly around.
I would rather be killed by a gun,
Or fall to the ground.

Now I’m a lifeless body
Without a soul to keep.
We land but it seems oddly,
I cannot land on my feet.

I surely am dead,
as I lay there on the ground.
Not able to lift up my head.
As lost souls move around.

Is this just a dream?
Or have I gone insane?
Is this just some random theme?
I cannot think with my brain.
There is no blood, making a stream.
As all my thoughts go down the drain.

No one will miss me
As I leave this earth.
I will flee
When my casket is covered in dirt.

I close my eyes 
And breathe my last breath.
As everything dies.
I wait for the embrace by Death.

I go blind,
As things turn to black
I left everything behind
And I can’t go back.

Death devours my soul
As my body goes limp.
No more am I whole,
And I can’t take another glimpse.

I am not here anymore
As everything turns back to blue.
Now there will be a new corpse,
As Death shall come for you...
Tags: Fear, Death, Darkness, Emo
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Georgina says:
07 Jun, 2016 05:11 AM

Ahh its so good! Would you mind if I made it a song? :)

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InsanityProject108 says:
12 Jun, 2016 09:53 PM

Go ahead!

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Kelly says:
11 Jul, 2016 04:53 AM

thats amazing

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