It's alone

Dillon (Blood Tears)

21 Jan, 2015 05:23 PM
Cold and cramped,
It cannot breathe.
Everyone left it,
left this one behind.

Alone it cries,
Alone it sits,
We wonder why 
it gives a shit.

Alone it waits,
Alone it thinks,
Its full of hate
and it doesn't blink.

Alone it sleeps,
Alone it tries,
There it weeps,
and tells itself lies.

Alone it talks,
Alone it laughs,
and here we mock
while its cut in half.

Alone it lived,
Alone it died,
Here we feast,
on its lost mind.

It was all alone,
Left here in fear,
Tortured by its thoughts,
of those who left it.
Its family and friends,
Left it hear with us,
To die by our hands,
The hands of the unconscious,
Where we only live and breathe,
In the mind.
Tags: Alone, Fear, Monster
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