17 Sep, 2015 09:45 AM
I am the darkness which will always remain
who follows your footsteps and whispers your name
I linger behind you, a reminder, a refrain.
who sings you sweet nothing, and plays all of your games
I move with all of your gestures and mirrors your soul
I am your gray side, the blackness, the coal
I live without substance and burn without fire
I am your truth, your mimic, and liar
I chase you without running, I follow your lead

I'm always behind you
I am the darkness you bleed
I'm  not going to leave you, you are mine till you die.
i'm your nothing, your everything, a flicker, a sigh
so run if you will, but ill always be near
ill follow you always
your echo, your darkness
your shadow, your fear.
Tags: Fear, Dark
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Bob says:
14 Oct, 2015 03:45 PM


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Mayra Dominguez says:
21 Oct, 2015 09:19 PM

This has struck me.

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Dillon (Blood Tears) says:
22 Oct, 2015 03:40 AM

FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Can I copy this down in my book? I like to collect work like this, its beautiful.

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deja says:
01 Nov, 2015 07:09 PM

I hate you so much for being awesome.

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jerry harrenstein says:
06 Nov, 2015 06:34 PM

Now this is more like it! Been waiting for a sensible, meaningful poem. Nice! Very nice!!Read my poems on this site and I think u will agree with me about sensibility and meaning...

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Nhymari says:
03 Jan, 2016 03:20 PM

nice poem i love it c:

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