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Robert Hernandez

28 Jul, 2015 10:16 PM
"Creating the division between thought and reality
Depriving my source of purity
Walking the plane of my own discord, of which there is no end

Reaching the cliff in comfort
I look down upon what awaits me
There is no Darkness, Isolation or Woe
For I reciprocated the concept, living in illusion

One step over as my body drops 
For I am not falling, rather flying
Flying into bliss
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Deaths Embrace

Tom Hanno

22 Feb, 2014 12:43 AM
The sweetest release in life, is also the last
Death's Embrace cures all ills, and eliminates all cares.
Be not afraid of death, cherish it, embrace it, love it
For it is the final cure to everything in this world that causes you pain.
I long for that final release, to feel my hearts final beat, and to feel my life leave my body.
When it does come, and come it shall for we all must eventually face Death, 
I will fall readily into her arms, and cherish her loving arms wrapped around me.
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My Last Goodbye

Raven Wolff

05 Oct, 2012 04:45 AM
I guess it's time.
Time for me to go.
Time for me to start new.
New school.
New teachers.
New friends..

Its time for a change.
A change in me.
A chance for me to become someone new,
someone better.
But not changing who I am inside.
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