DC Martin

11 Mar, 2012 08:18 AM
into this box I'm looking but not a thing of mine I see,
what I had you wanted, what was there you took from me,
The blackened days that follow, the ones that hide me away,
cover over my inside that's hollow, for at least another day.
give me back my sanity, let me leave this world in peace,
what you took from me, my vanity, such a fucking thief.

I'll wait for you there, a shadow hiding in your room,
quietly breathing, never leaving, I'll see you very soon.
into this box you're going, in one piece or two,
what you took, I took back again, and now blackened days they follow you.

into the ground to cover, all that's hollow there inside,
and when they ask what happened here, 
I'll smile and say you died.

life is so very cheap to you, cheap to a fucking thief,
so no funeral will I have for you, but I promise to try and weep.
into this box I'm looking, but not a thing of mine I see,
you were what I wanted, but you took that away from me.
Tags: Death, Unloved, Apathy
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rachel says:
15 Apr, 2012 04:19 PM

wonderful! i love it !

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