Did You Know?


29 Dec, 2012 07:29 PM
Did you know that I loved you?
That I cared,
More than anyone ever knew,
So much I was scared?

It was burden I bared,
The mark of love for another,
I acted on it as much as I dared,
So I hid in myself like a cover.

I was alone, unable to recover,
Alone in my sad little shell,
With no one to rediscover,
No one to ring the bell.

Trapped alone in a cell,
With no one to repair,
The prison of my mind raising its hell,
Alone, wallowing in despair.

Tending my insanity with great care,
Letting it slowly grow,
Roaring in my head like a great bear,
Till it hits me with its mighty blow.

A painful thing to undergo,
Every second making me want to cry,
But that was a long time ago,
Now I just want to die…
Tags: Sad, Death, Love, Hopeless
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