I'm Sorry I Love You

Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:39 PM
Do you know what it's like to feel pain?
To feel loss

It's like a swelling in your heart
That just won't go away
And when you realize its still there
It's like a punch to the face

Do you know what's it's like
To know you're the reason
Of someones heartbreak?

It's as if someone just ran you over
And left dirt, traces and scars
Cracks and unwinded records
Cover your face, break your heart 

It makes you feel evil
And cold
Of course, if you had no heart, you could do it with no remorse 

But I am weak
I am pathetic
I am lame, and I am sensitive
I cannot take this, you are hurting me so

I am not like you
I am not strong
I am not remarkable 
I do everything wrong

I'm sorry I was so foolish
I'm sorry I can't be better
I'm sorry I've done this to you
But the truth is, I just can't help it

I am known as a heartbreaker
I am after all, nothing more than  a scar
I am known as a manipulator
I am known as a fake

I am just a little revolting girl
Collecting hearts

I haven't noticed until now
The monster I am inside
The insanity I must hide
I pray someone murders me, I am to die

I cannot keep this up any longer
This act must die out
I must call an exorcist
To kill me from this curse

Please send me to Hell
I don't belong in the sky
Because there, I am afraid, I will burn the Heavens
And then you shall all die

I must confess what I'm feeling
I must tell you now
Because the truth is, I still love you
And I wish I could have told you, before I had turned into what I am now
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Midnight Blood 13 says:
24 Feb, 2014 01:37 AM

Your poem is a work of art, it hits hard and deep, all in all, it's deep, dark, and wonderful.

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Jacqueline.Deetlefs says:
21 Jun, 2017 05:42 PM

Such a beauty..

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