Sara Crumbley

11 Jul, 2013 04:36 AM
On the outside looking in
My world looks perfect
But on the inside looking out
My world is in crumbled ruins

In my world I'm frightened and scared
Terrified of what may come
I'm lost and blind

My world is dark and filled with demons
Chaos reigns freely and takes control
The angels and demons within my mind
Fight for control over my thoughts

I know who I want to win the war 
But certain battles are won by demons
And the battles that are won
Allow them to maintain power

I want to fight them 
I want to say no 
I want the light to reign 
And for death to be done

The devil is cunning 
He won't give in 
Lucifer why do you try me 
And why do I let you win

I want to run and hide
But it can't work that way
I must put up a fight

I tell Satan to go away
And the demons to turn and run
While trying not to let the darkness
Completely block out the sun

I bid thee farewell
Ye horrid creatures I fear
And I'll let the angels win the war
And I shall shed no tears
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