Don't You See

the freak on a leash

21 Apr, 2014 03:59 AM
I see you, the one I hate,
I've ruined you haven't I,
I laugh as i close the metal gate,
while your lying there beaten and broken,
no more energy left to change your fate.

Through your suffering and pain,
I find happiness and glee,
"Just too bad" I say as I break your ribs with a slam of my knee,
while you start to plea to a false savior saying"Is this the fate,mine is to be"

"Your so ugly, stupid, and a whore,"
I say,laugh,then smack you some more,
Your life means nothing to them, don't you see,
all they do is wreck your positivity,
so I murdered one,now the others are too scared to go near me.

I smirk and walk off, leaving some food and water,
you try to stand up but slowly begin to totter,
then you fall on your face, I burst out in laughter,
I can almost feel your soul about to shatter.

I sit down and start to slice
at my arm until it bleeds.
I guess this is my trademark vice,
because when I'm done, the blood bathed beauty is quite nice.

I get up, my arm dripping with blood,
your scared to the bone, I see you shiver.
Just the thought of seeing you in pain makes me grin,
I know I'm worse than any other sin.

I'm getting tired of you,
so once your dead, I'll find another one
and tear her soul apart too.

You curl up and start to sob and cry
knowing now, that I want you to die.
You look at me and ask why
with tears in your pleading eyes.

I slowly get up,drag you out of the cage, then through you down,
I stand up over you, hatred in my eyes,mouth in a frown.
I tell you of the time you made me look like a clown,
I've hated you ever since and dreamt of seeing you drown.

So now your in my little cage,
incapable of releasing your rage,
your hurting inside from all of the abuse,
you look over and see the noose.

Your so happy that you smile at what you had found,
I see you tie it up, looping it round and round,
I look away as you kick the chair and fall down.
because I know that your feet never hit the ground.

A tear slides down my eye and I think of what I've done,
I pick up my gun,
It's time for me to leave, I count down from three to one.
Smiling as I reach zero,

The trigger is pulled,
one bullet surges through my brain,
My soul is free now to do what it wants
for that piece of lead, ended my sorrow and pain
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Demorgorgon says:
10 Nov, 2016 12:56 PM

Awesome poem. Would love to do the same to certain people

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