Two souls become one

Jack Sorenson

11 Jun, 2014 04:23 PM
Can do so much harm, to so many others, which may come her way

Cutting through the mist of foggy moorland country that next night
Stepping over peat and marsh, and tall weeds coming
Toward the old gray Manor,
After Anna had time to performed the witching hour of tera
On the Towns helpless humans she feeling victories in her dark magic
The many Anna had killed-Anna felt refreshed each night
And very joyous,

Anna walks alone now into the deadest of night the third night
As one with Adelyn soul inside of her, to aid her darkness
We are not occult figures just ghostly in covariance,

Our pale, ashen skins light the way against a darkened sky
The fog grows dense as it cries as Anna inters any forest or dwelling
a trembling at this sinister presence came over all the Town filled with humans
To play with and do her dirty deeds with,
When the witching hour begins at night after night.
Tags: Evil, Dark, Magic
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