Woods Protector

Jack Sorenson

23 Jun, 2015 11:49 PM
Are you looking for Waverly woods protector?
Anna is the Waverly woods protector
Fearless protector,

After being told she was abandoned by an old lady laid on her death bed
that she alone was brought there by the Village people in fear of here,
Laid helpless, in the fern groves in the dark forest after birth,
To raise herself alone-no one knew how, this became, just a mere infant
Due to in birth her Mother the Wolf gave birth to a human child
such dark magic has never been seen before,
or even witnessed

On Anna’s18th birthday Anna Waverly
came into her own darkness from no teaching as such,
But, it was willed in her bloodline from a witch Mother and a Wolf like creature spell to give birth to such a darkness child as human as Anna is now fill with mixed blood line part creature as human

Anna sets out to find her birth parents
She took her travel on a deer trail,
as days travel strikes up a conversation with another creature,
more headiest than she could bare to look at more than a few seconds

What happens next will change her life forever
The creature said spelled like wispy like,

The headiest creature continued that your opinion to choose one of two paths that lay ahead of you will lead you to her,
one will lead to death by the most unspeakable way
the right path will lead to your Mother?

Anna looked about into the shadows of two paths
then back to the headiest creature 
What will she choose?
Now Anna went into the shadows on barefoot
of the woods and took the left path only hearing
behind her the laughter of that headiest creature,
Anna’s ability to see into the future has only brought 
Waverly blood line from the witch mother that spelled it so
the pain to see what her true birth Mother look like in her mind,
and now, Anna is suffering for it as she continues to walk feather

Stuck in the trees death captured by the groves of pines
Branches warped around her speaks from the ground
Shadow face’s compound to arise from the tress trunks,

Waverly child they say we finial get to meet a girl named Anna who is determined to escape her further,
Through a simple touch of death,
you will have chosen the wrong path child

Anna Waverly can see that she is destined to escape from them with the use of her dark magic,
But she knows it is not the end
Shadow face must be stopped for her to continue onward
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