Tear Me Up

Zane A. Murray

07 Jan, 2016 05:37 PM
What kind of paradise am I looking for,
When I’m rich in love, and wealth I am poor,
I have all that I need here in my world,
But I act like I live in the Underworld.

My mind is so fucking empty,
But I remain to be one of the friendly,
Acting as if there is nothing wrong,
But, really my arms are my way to play this sad song.

Hurry up and tear me up,
I’m slowly waiting for death….yup,
Shred open my arms and forearms,
Please turn off my waking alarms.

I am so very lost,
Not knowing what my death will cost,
Hurting my friends and family because of my dead body,
But I don’t, still urging for my mind disembodied.

Please God take me away,
Lead me up that heavenly stairway, I pray,
Swallow these pills, down the hatch,
Or on my wrists I leave a scratch.

Lock myself in my room, and make you wonder,
Am I alive or am I dead, matching the color of thunder,
Maybe I’m having the shtup, 
Or maybe I’m calling someone to tear me up.
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