Zane A. Murray

22 Feb, 2016 11:48 PM
I've met the devil,
And he isn't a little red man with horns and a tail,
I've met the devil,
He's a man that has died and will make you cry,
And you ask, "Just why?"
I've met the devil,
He's the man that will bury you down,
The man of black shadows,
A man of the nightmarish crown,
I've met the devil,
He's in your sleep, not under your bed,
He's not hiding in your closet,
He's hiding in your head,

I've met the devil,
He's the one you conquer right before death, 
The one that you kill and slay,
Right before your last breath,
I've met the devil,
I've stared death in the face,
It took me little time to realize,
That we were both in the same place,
I've met the devil,
His shadow of my reflection,
Black claws, eyes of fire,
Sharp teeth, and my blood is his desire,
I've met the devil,
He is yourself, your darkness inside,
You're his master after all, 
So open wide.
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