My Mind Whispers

Franchesca Mia Reves Tortoza

08 Apr, 2017 05:36 AM
"You'll ruin your life if you start,"
My mind whispers,
As my hand picks up the cutter I always bring,
I pray a silent, unheard prayer,
As I shut out the buzzing of spring
And slice.

"This is stupid! You need to stop!"
My mind whispers,
As I drag the blade across my arm yet again,
Watching red start to stain silver,
As I try not to hiss in pain.

"Stop, I say!"
My mind whispers,
As tears shimmer yet don't fall from my eyes.
They made my eyes seem prettier, sparklier,
But I know those sparkles simply are lies.

"No. . ."
My mind whispers,
As blood gushes from my throat;
As my heart stops beating over and over
Having grown tired of keeping me afloat.
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