Viscous Fangs That Bite

Mario Vitale

07 Jun, 2017 02:00 AM
 On a desolate path in the darkened woods
 The sound of acorns falling from the tree
 Walking & taking in the scene

 Shadows block my foot steps as I tread
 Suddenly I came across a hole in the ground
 There was a steel beam across the entrance
 Then the noise came

 Howling with demonic flames inside
 I wanted to run away & hide
 Eyes flashed from the entrance of the hole
 The steel beam was pushed to the side

 Out came an evil Warlock with a gold wand
 He opened his mouth with viscous fangs that bite
 I ran so fast into the night...
 Looking back he disappeared out of sight
Tags: Evil, Fright, Fangs
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