Ebony Shell

Afrin Farhana

28 Jul, 2017 05:51 AM
Walking through this dark concrete forest,
Feeling those heavy stones on my chest,
Slowing me down, down and down;
In this dark of night, I'm the only one on the prowl.
The sinners crawl,
As the darkness falls,
"Hello, Hello, Remember me? 
I'm everything you can't control."
Fallen Angels at my feet,
Whispering voices as my wrists are slit;
She beckons me, shall I give in?
Upon my end, shall I begin?
Death before my eyes,
Those groans you hear, aren't my lies.
I'm frightened by what I see,
Knowing there's much more to come to pierce me.
Immobilized by my fears,
And soon to be blinded by tears.
Lost from within; persuing the end,
Fighting for the chance to be lied to again.
Lost in a dying world,
I reach for something more.
And all alone, speaking to the atmosphere,
I fall into myself as noone's here.
I have grown so weary of this lie I live,
Hoping somewhere beyond the pain there must be a way to believe.
I'm standing on the edge; embracing my fate,
Death is near and it won't be too late.
Till then I'll haunt through this fiery road of hell,
Spreading darkness through my ebony shell.
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