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Once Upon A Time

Andrew Smailes

09 Apr, 2014 12:57 AM
Once upon a Time.
Such a wonderful phrase indeed.
This world is unsightly.
Oh would you kindly.
Rewrite this story, I plead.

To castles and Kingdoms
worlds full of colour and ones full of wonder.
maybe one in the future will do.

Though it hits me.
in these stories a plenty, how does good always win when evil is always on top?
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The Journey !


25 May, 2013 04:29 PM
Like birth is usual, 
also Death is a natural, 
a likely process;
As the soul begins an eternal Journey; 
body shuts down by its own.

Whether young or old;
rich or poor
Beautiful or ugly; 
virgin or impure;

We must face and deal with it one day;
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Tags: Jouney, Death, Life, Truth
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Bitter Truth

Your Worst Nightmare

26 Feb, 2013 09:41 PM
Do you want truth?
Do you want pain?
Do you want guilt?
Is this what you want, fame?

Well let me tell you something
Sympathy won't get you anywhere
People have dealt through great losses
And you mock them

We're like dolls attached to string
Dancing up, moving down 
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Blood, a gift

Kaiza Urai

12 Feb, 2013 07:29 PM
Am I really so unusual
Am I such an awful thing?
That I deserved such prejudice
From you who acts as king?

Look at yourself, so noble and wise
An emperor so bold
To slay your own kin without thought
To keep your stash of gold

I tell you, king, Sir Demigod
All things that live must end
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Tags: Vampire, Blood, Death, Love, Monster, Truth, Slay, Life, Living, Evil, Sin
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On the darkness in all of us

Kaiza Urai

01 Feb, 2013 09:37 PM
If madness leads to freedom
And to dark shall all things end
I hold my mind to ransom
And to dusk my soul I send

You come here speaking of the light
And all the good it brings,
But in the end you shall succumb
To truth that darkness sings

You have a god to look upon
And hope that gives you meaning
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Tags: Darkness, Madness, Insanity, Mind, Soul, Disease, Sickness, Light, Truth, God
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