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Little bird's crime

Venom Ash

05 Dec, 2015 08:37 PM
Come come little birdy
Come come little birdy
With these colorful wings
You can spread them all over
And make a rainbow
If you try

Come come little birdy
Come come little birdy
This is your new home
Just a small cage
For the whole place
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Tags: Bird, Bloody, Dark, Sad, Crime
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Under The Cherry Red Moon


01 Nov, 2015 11:01 AM
A lone wolf is out, on his midnight prowl
On a rock is sitting a fine feathered fowl

Calmly prowling in the dark of the night
Sitting on a rock, singing in delight

Going in for the kill, eyes gleaming
looking up at the sky, stars beaming

One swift jump, teeth sinking into the prey
eyes begging for mercy it wanted no mae
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Tags: Red Moon, Wolf, Bird, Blood, Night, Prowl
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