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You're dead.


22 Jan, 2014 03:25 AM
You're being held down.
Held down by you're demons 
You can't breath 
You can't take it anymore 
No one will care 
No one will notice
The time has come 
Grab the knife 
Grab the pills 
Grab the rope 
Write you're note..
You're dying
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Tags: Death, Suicide, Alone, Demons, Dead, Gone, Hell, Pain, Kill, Gun, Rope, Pills
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Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:31 PM
Why am I here?
Why am I alive?
Why am I breathing?
Why the fuck am I still here?
Please just kill me.
Shoot me.
End my pain.

No one hears my cries.
My calls of help.
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Tags: Gone, Bye, Murder, Death, Suicide, Pain, Suffering
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