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Life and its untimly End

Jack Sorenson

11 Nov, 2012 12:58 AM
I'm unsure how this came to be
Lighting will strike more than twice
the tree becomes brittle,

And the sole dies away
The roots still grow on,
Sprouting up shoots some
Were further away,

New life will rise in the sun one day
so why do you ask that I'm still here today,
Same as why the shy shines its brilliant blues
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Tags: Death, Dark, Pain, New Day, Hope
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I Am Dead and in Love


12 Oct, 2012 02:29 AM
I am dead and alone 
I wonder if anyone cares 
I hear the footsteps walking away 
I see the black mist as I fade 
I want to see his face one more time 

I am dead and alone 
I pretend he didn't do it 
I feel the cold numbness setting in 
I touch the Glasgow smile he gave me 
I worry that he won’t love me anymore 
I cry out to him to come back
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Tags: Sad, Death, Murder, Love, Dieing, Last Thoughts, Hope
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fade away.

Raven Wolff

09 Sep, 2012 08:13 PM
One day it will all be over.
All the pain,
All the hate?
We'll all be set
No more worrying,
No more woundering,
No more thinking,
"If i wear this will they bully me?"
Its a sick world we live in,
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Tags: Fadeing, Dieing, Pain, Lost, Hope, Hopeless
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A man of darkness


22 Jan, 2012 03:31 AM
A man of darkness with a dark past 
and until now he is in the dark 
but he is hoping that someday 
that dark will fade off to his life...

A man of darkness with his expression and movement 
no one knows what a kind of pain he hide inside his smile...

A man of darkness with a promise to his beloved girl 
that he will do everything to her,for her and only her...

A man of darkness with a curse of darkness
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Tags: Darkness, Broken, Hope
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