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Et iam non sum sanus- I'm no longer sane

Raven Black

02 Jan, 2016 01:45 PM
"Et iam non sum sanus"
(I'm no longer sane)
Perdidi me
(I Lost myself)
Innocentium Pink, blue and violet
(washed away all the colours)
I'm living in a world of Grey
(Lumen and Acerbus have merged)
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Tags: Dark Thought, Longing, Sadness
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24 Oct, 2014 04:14 PM
The world is dark
With shadows
From hidden light

The light we search for
The light we all crave
All of us.
But me.

This light you wish for
How are we to know
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Tags: Darkness, Shadow, Fear, Longing
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Thinking of you


24 Sep, 2012 02:25 AM
Thinking of you 
makes things unsettle
like a train without tracks
or Hell without the devil
It brings out destruction 
not only on me, but on --eternity
This is what its like,
with you not here 
nothings the same 
Things are so queer
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Tags: Pain, Longing, Hatred, Tears
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times like these


24 Sep, 2012 01:52 AM
it's times like these 
when your not around 
i can not stay up an fall to the ground 
i miss you here 
especially now
When i need you most, when i need you now 
Your soothing voice, 
your comforting hug 
telling me this thing is only a bug 
telling me that every problem ends 
this problem, i know, will never mend 
Not here, not now 
Forever, un til the end
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Tags: Upset, Mad, Hatred, Longing
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