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Brody Battersby

11 Jan, 2017 05:23 AM
Many things wash past my view
If thy observes, madness ensue
Many things to cloud the eye
And all those things thy glorify.
For down below root stem and leaf
Our thoughts act on belief.
For what is man without another?
For the Gods curse us as Brothers
What beasts we are, in human flesh
We bind our souls and minds, enmesh.
With simple things thy cannot see
Love and hate, these things the key.
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Tags: Odd, Mad, Madness
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Not Relevant

23 Feb, 2014 02:29 AM
I have a rage inside me. Something I need to control, but I do not want to.
I know that should I fail to control it, bad things will happen.
It will be worse than how it is now. But
I still want to release it. Not
In the way of batting cages, or drawing, or writing, but
In the way of violence. Real, painful violence. Never towards myself. Not anymore. 

Her is who I want to 
Hit. Over and over, until my
Hands are bleeding, and then more. Until I
Hear her stop crying for
Help. And her
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Tags: Death, Hate, Depression, Murder, Kill, Killing, Violence, Suicide, Anger, Angry, Mad, Hatred, Hurt, Hurting, Damag
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Die now! Any day.

Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:06 PM
I see you when you walk,
you hold your wrist.
But I know why.
You've been cutting again huh?

Haha, good!
Maybe you'll slip and cut your vain.
Causing you to bleed out.
Causing you to die.
No more of your shit?!

What a wonderful world that would be.
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Tags: Kill Yourself, Die, Death, Suicide, Mad
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times like these


24 Sep, 2012 01:52 AM
it's times like these 
when your not around 
i can not stay up an fall to the ground 
i miss you here 
especially now
When i need you most, when i need you now 
Your soothing voice, 
your comforting hug 
telling me this thing is only a bug 
telling me that every problem ends 
this problem, i know, will never mend 
Not here, not now 
Forever, un til the end
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Tags: Upset, Mad, Hatred, Longing
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Bye bye Bitch.

Raven Wolff

09 Sep, 2012 09:55 PM
You wanna know something?
I cared.
I really did
I really fu**ing cared about you.

Ha ha guess what?
That's all gone now.
You fu**ed up your chance.
I cared and
now I don't.

Who are you going to turn to now when your depressed?
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Tags: Bitch, Hell, Go Die, Pissed, Mad, Ugh
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