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Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.

- Carl Jung
Submitted By: Achyut Vaidya Tags: Darkness

I chose to walk this valley of shadow, for I am a shadow of myself. Don’t judge me by my decision, but by the measure of the darkness I cast.


all i come home to is darkness and lonelyness, what comes next i may not know, but if my saness is gone the i will write myself to death.


The darkness is better then light, cause when there is light you can clearly see all the worst things you have done, the light shows you the things your suppose to see but dont want to ,but it never shows you what you really wanna see. It also burns ...

- Queen+me
Submitted By: Queen/Throne Tags: Darkness, Light

I am a part of the shadows, i walk in the light just to see the world failing once again and then i crawl back to the dark. Only dark can embrace your soul.

Tags: Darkness

Darkness, the most powerful substance in creation. It was there at the start and shall remain long past the end, an endless expanse of nothing


One must know the importance of wearing masks. They not only hide our true motives from others, but they also hide the monster we've become from ourselves.


Once, the time will come, time when we will be able to throw away our masks...


They say Hope, Begins in the Dark. But most just frail around in the Blackness searching for their Destiny...The Darkness, for me...Is where I Shine.

- The Riddick
Submitted By: Deadzone50 Tags: Hope, Darkness

If you think about it, darkness will always prevail over light in the end. The reason is simple, think of it as a light bulb in a dark room. As soon as that light bulb breaks or is unplugged, the darkness takes over. This is because light needs a source of power, unlike darkness. Darkness's lack of need of a source makes it unstoppable and thus, it makes Darkness more powerful than light.