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Light Always Needs A Source Of Energy, Darkness Does Not Need A Source Of Energy. Therefore, Darkness Will Always Beat Light. One Day When Light Dissapears The Darkness Will Prevail.


Life kills us. Death sets us free.


Life's a dump and then you die. So fuck the world lets get high.


"It's better to be hated for who you are than loved for someone you're not."

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It's Hard To Get To Heaven, When You're Born Hell Bound.


Death only has one card. Life has a whole deck.

- Ceil
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There is no truth in life, only in death
......shall secrets be revealed


I'm not the one who is weird,They are just the ones who don't understand and because they don't understand they are allowed to live in happiness


It chases you forever and ever, until one day it catches up with you. Do you really think you can escape your own downfall?


If you think about it, darkness will always prevail over light in the end. The reason is simple, think of it as a light bulb in a dark room. As soon as that light bulb breaks or is unplugged, the darkness takes over. This is because light needs a source of power, unlike darkness. Darkness's lack of need of a source makes it unstoppable and thus, it makes Darkness more powerful than light.