Just One Spirit?


22 Nov, 2012 07:47 PM
Just one spirit?

First the punch,
Then the hit
When is this going to quit?
 At first blood thirst like animals,
Thirsty for more,
To settle a score.

A score no one ever set,
Not with me,
Not with nobody.
Then why me you ask?
I was simply there,
Dose that seem very fair?

Now look what they've done,
Made a shattered soul
Out of the owners very own control,
Now they regret what they've made,
But not what they've done,

They've gone off as easily as a gun.
Now looking back,
At their mistakes,
Their whole mind, body and soul ache’s.
They wish they could change that one day,

The one that started their thirst for blood,
All those memories rush in like a flood,
First the punch,
Then the hit
All that to break just one spirit…
Tags: Sad, Bulling, Broken
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