Three Ingredients

Abaddon Torment

07 Aug, 2014 07:17 PM
Darkness. Silence. Peace.
I now realize I am only me
Theres three ingredients, 
I am made of.
Thes three ingredients,
Are all i ever was.

Here before the light.
Forever by our side.
Whose main element is night
The night is full of, 
Pitched black woods,
Untampered snow.
Does darkness comsume?
I think not,
I find darkness to be,
A true lover
Look to your shadow.
Youll find it there
Not to torment,
As I've implied
Itll simply always be by your side
Something that shall remain
Something that will be there for you
Even after the very end.

It begs no violence
Its so fradgile 
A snap can break it
Yet some how
It supposedly tears away sanity
If you believe this lie,
You are wrong,
An asylem is where you belong
Go forth and submerge yourself in it
Come out after a day.
It shall not lead you astray

Something many wish for,
But few can reach,
Why am I special?
I never tried to reach
Yet I have it here
Alone in the quiet dark...
Alone is all I wish to be.

These three ingredients.
Its all that make me.
Tags: Dark, Silence, Peace, Alone
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