Assault on Purity

Abaddon Torment

07 Aug, 2014 07:21 PM
Snow, smothering the ground
Open and vast,
How long will pure last?
Its beauty,
Flawless Like its past.

No marks,
Nothing is disturbed.
Till the day, 
She walked a different way.

Drop. Drop.
The blood begins to pour.
Drop, drop.

Now faster than before
The field wishes to be pure
The blood now staining
Ruining what was once pure
The field is red

She begins to melt away
Day by day
So much depression 
So much pain

Day by day
Her purity is lost
Now all that remains
A pool of disgust 
A pool of  impure
Just because, she was raped
It was that day, 

Her purity was reaped
It was that day...
She would never be the same.
Tags: Rape, Hurt
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