Story and dance of the Demon Master

Rochelle Poet

04 Sep, 2014 10:02 AM
Beyond the damp dingy sewers and into the underground,
where the earthworms burrow and termites bite,
I creep within the soils, into the mud,
below the trails of decaying rotting human flesh,
in search of a satisfying delightful treat.

For I spend much of my time,
hidden into the earth's darkness,
in search of souls that bring me 
short-lived happy orgasmic thrills.

Their blood-curdling screams,
oh to my much delight,
it just gives me joyful chills!

Each night, I create such wise little schemes.
Oh the wretched and the torment!
It makes me giggle
at the thought of those little humans' horrid dreams!
It isn't until I have them under the sweltering light,
that they begin to put up their cute little fight!

But first, I must lure them, as I escape from the underground.
So sad and meek, I cry my tearful story,
Those stupid little humans-
they think I'm so lost-

And then, to their dreadful surprise!
They realize its their soul that I want and have found!

Oh such a pity, to tie those people up,
with a rope so taught,

For a moment,
I stop, pat their heads and sigh,
"My, my, such a sweet poor little pup..."
Perhaps for a moment, per one second,
I feel the smallest ounce of sorrow,
But then after-all,
It's just their soul that I need to borrow.

The cries echo out, but soon become muffled,
as I drag them into my underground.
Before long, they become weak,
faces tear-stained, lips cracked,
Voices far gone, without any sound.

Tis, it as such a point, that I know,
My battle has been won,
and their little human existance,
is done.

And so, with anticipation,
my excitement grows,
The scent of soon to be decayed human flesh, 
filters under my nose.

Into my underground,
I have quite the unique contraption.
It's the sparkling center of my comfy abode,
as it does all the work, 
throwing my little humans around.

With one dramatic artful scene,
I do a bit of a jig,
perhaps a little dance.
In sing song, I laugh and I sing!

"Oh, hi ho, hi ho, I love this trite life,
Little humans, you bring me such joy,
such joy, to each, I own, 
You're mine,
You're mine,
Oh how you shine,
Little humans of mine..."

And with a grand bow,
Tis, I get on, with the duty
of decompressing my humans,
one does not need to know
every detail of the then and how...

Then the delight, I am brought,
With each and every human soul that is caught.
I crank the handle of my unique contraption
watching each mangled body roll on down,
showing no emotion or reaction.

rolling off into the deep dark abyss..
Their guts spill and begin to
pile onto the floor, 
Captured by me, demon master! 
Their heartful chatter-heard no more.

Oh, so Proud am I !
about all that I have accomplished!
This one moment,
my very heartfelt worldly bliss.

There's nothing more satisfying and true,
than the art, of human mortality,
and it's eternal soul.

For now, they shall forever reign in me,
and they, will no longer,
ever, ever be.

Down under the earth's soil,
far under the grave of decaying mortal flesh,
their spirit will be forever lost,
looking to be free.
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