The Clock and I


17 Feb, 2015 02:40 AM
I'm drifting through the tunnel of my broken state of mind 
I'm falling through to mayhem as the clock strikes one 
I'm growing old, have half a day to set myself in time 
what can i do the clock strikes two, when will this be done. 

home is not a place for me once my hope is gone 
hope is such a fragile thing, as it always will be
half a day is all i need to ruin someones dawn 
time will tell. time for hell as the clock strikes three 

i'll make them see, and i'll make them pay 
for what they all did i'll kick down the door 
wont happen again, see, this is the day 
it'll stop pretty soon because the clock just struck four 

i call the shots now, i have the helm 
you have to go now, have a nice dive 
soon it will be too overwhelmed 
its time to die the clock strikes five 

i guess i can try to pick up the sticks 
to pick up the garbage and mend broken souls 
but all i can hear is the tick of the six 
to open all the holes 

as i keep to my word the clock hits seven 
so what should i do now, im covered in blood 
taking too long, turn the clock to eleven 
looking forward to this, ah shit its a dud 

so where am i now? where should i dwell? 
nowhere to run, no one to see. 
i can hear the chime of the last twelve 
so then i guess that dead i shall be
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Muqaddas Shahbaz says:
09 Mar, 2015 06:17 AM


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