05 Nov, 2015 05:21 AM
There's a monster 'neath the bed
Eyes o' stone; heart of lead

Nightmare nighttimes 
Are a finite time-
Twist 'n turn; shudder 'n studder
Fear creeps up the spine-
Just like any other

Night of fright at it's peak
Sit up; peek 'neath the sheets
Curled up beneath, there it lay
A dragon on a midnight summer bay

When fears caught to yer throat
What will you do?

The thought of salvation 
Drives any to invocation
To the deepest desires of man's
Animal kind; shackle the chains
Of tension, desperation 'n free 
The friction

Yes, there's a monster 'neath the bed
Just flip the night-light shine on 
'N it's gone;dead, but if you do
Who's really the monster in the end?
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GrimHarvest says:
29 Nov, 2015 09:20 AM

Awesome read I'm working on something similar.. Great job..

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