Bound for Hell

jerry harrenstein

11 Jan, 2016 07:04 PM
My sins are many,
too many to even
know where to begin 
telling you about 
my sins.

I'm evil,
pure evil,
as my sins are evil.

The lies I've told,
along with the items
I stole
and the people I've
have eroded my

Lust now fills the hole
where once was my soul.
Lust even fuels my heart.
Many a life have I torn apart,
even ended,
because of my black heart.
Women have screamed
while falling to their
begging me for a reprieve.
Even men cower when I look
into their eyes.

My whole life has been a lie.
Always I was scolded,
never extolled.
There can never be a fresh
start for me,
not after all the flesh
exacted by me.
He knows that as well 
as I do.
He whom knows all,
is going to let me take
a fall.
A fall from His grace.

There will be no salvation for me.
No gates for me to walk through.
I'm screwed!
I'm bound for Hell
and there is nothing 
I can do.

Two wrongs can not make it right,
thus my plight.
I wait now for my
eternal night.
One thousand years
of light
will never be 
for me,
only an eternity
Tags: Evil, Sins
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Raven says:
12 Apr, 2016 03:46 PM

I love the passion in the poem and dignity to admitting your own sins

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jerry harrenstein says:
30 Apr, 2016 03:25 AM

Raven, thanks for your understanding.

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