Jump Rope


18 Nov, 2014 12:33 AM
Mommy mommy play with me
Chase me chase me you can't catch me
Pick me up and spin me around 
Ashes to ashes we all fall down

Mommy mommy is no more 
Mommy mommy fell to the floor
She took it once and took it twice
Now she has to be put on ice

Daddy daddy play with me 
Marco Polo you'll never find me
Pick pretty flowers from the ground
Ashes to ashes we all fall down

Daddy daddy can't come play
Daddy daddy passed away
He tried to run but he can't hide
Now he's stiff and on his side

Stranger stranger play with me
Tag you're it you can't catch me
Can you take me home tonight?
While you're here I'll take your life
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Emma TRoop says:
08 Jun, 2016 02:03 PM

How did you know my secret...

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