My thought.

Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:16 PM
Is it bad I think of dying?
Is it bad I wanna die?
Is it bad I've tried many time?
is it bad that all I wanna do is,
is be alone?

Alone in the Dark.
With only my thoughts and,
and blades?
The darkness is my friend.
My only other?

My blades
If people could tell my thoughts.
I would be put in a hospital,
Under watch.

24/7 death is on my mind.
I know it isn't good but,
But I cant help it.
I just wanna die.
End my life.
Cut my wrist.

Bleed till every drop is gone.
Till I'm just a bloodless body.
I'm already dead inside,
Why not out?

You know maybe I will...
Maybe I'll put the gun to my head.
Pull the trigger.
Splatter my brains all over.
End my STUPID life.
Set me..
Set myself FREE..
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