Zane A. Murray

19 May, 2016 09:14 PM
Tartarus, the eternal pit, full of fire and smoke,
Where the beast of the pit walks his ways, in his infinite black cloak,
He walks with a sturdy step, along the dust and bones of the righteous dead,
And along the rivers of blood that runs with the color red.

His name is Satan, Ruler of the Earth, King of the World, in his abode,
With the darkened of skies that linger with thunder, along with a birds that had crowed,
No one dies here in this realm, only does the Lord of Darkness die into rest here,
And only shall he be indestructible from the fire and the cries of fear.

As he walks in the darkness, with the smell of rotten meat and skin,
He scratches his legs and arms, and runs the hand through the hair on his chin,
Up the mountain of doom and fire, shall he see what he wants in his desire,
God, the Son, and Spirit, burning in the flames of the mount, and their grace drowning in the mire.

He sees all of the followers here in the pit along with them,
And he shouts out of his silver lungs the phrase that lights his necklace gem,
“I dip my forefinger in the watery blood of your impotent mad redeemer, and write over his thorn-torn brow: The TRUE prince of evil - the king of slaves!”
“And shall nothing be more of a pity, than himself, and when we spit on his grave!”

Never shall there be the right hand path in the way of the dark realm,
For we shall drift in the left path on which Satan shall hold the helm,
He takes the ship of the righteous dead and takes it towards the oblivion,
And tied to the hull is the martyrs of Christ, the women with the name Vivian.

And when he shall reach the port of the dead, and all the tears that have shed from them have fallen,
In the rain of acid and the visions of the wicked have engulfed them, and when the cages have dropped for with the souls shall brawl in,
That is to be unknown and for only Satan to know, the Lord of the Earth, King of the world, only for him to tell,
Only for him that which dwells in his home of beauty in the eyes of followers, for its true name, in the fire, it is called, Hell.
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