You think I wont?

Raven Wolff

23 Oct, 2012 10:22 PM
You really wanna say that?
wanna even give me the idea?
don't tell me too,
too kill myself cause, cause I...I'll.
and you think I wont.?

Hun, you have life fucked up.
Try me.
Give me a chance and,
and I'll be gone.
done with.
Out of your life.
Keep pushing.
push me.
come on.
tell me one more time.
tell me to kill myself.
I will.
I will do it.
don't give me the choice.
I will without a second thought do it.
I will put the cold blade to my wrist,
without a thought rip it past.
tearing my vain in half.
blood pouring down my arm.
tears running down my face.
a smile slowly starting to form.
finally I'm free,
away from all the pain.
finally away from the pain.
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