Deadly Bean-site Coffee

Robin Carretti

04 Nov, 2016 01:36 PM
How she sucked every last bean 
the blackest meanest Goth. 
She froze with terror the color spilled deep Darth. 
And next to her was a big burly Football player.

Sipping her erotically boiling coffee.
He's the slayer.
Her body deadly slim he played her
 She kept to herself not wanting to speak to him.
She could have blasted his balls within.
These guys did horrible things to those girls.

Mixing your blood a whirl and a dead Girl
 twirl deep red swirl.
 What Coffee sin's he possessed them?
 Likewise the "Dark Reaper".
 He spilled her coffee beans.
He black fishnets smelled like liquor
 How it melted her like Lava
 meeting her "Dead Man" waiter
How it spread through his pants. 

He's monstrous creature loud vulgar grunts. 
He became faceless every hell under feature.
Went dark and dead she felt her coffee smoking 
on his weed head wicked bean inside his pants
The movies creepy dark eyes fall out stunts
More grunts face boiling so hot darkest of hours? 
The steam got sickly stuffy.

Her computer and coffee he came like hard taffy.
 On the window sill, she took another deadly pill.

 So waiting and anticipating the field what's next?
 She saw the test sign it said Help Coffee screwball.
He was still with his football blinded by her love
Other men came forward all exposed in Darkness
 Came out of hiding no shield.
That bad to the bone coffee what a stinger epilepsy. 
So drugged the coffee she's tipsy.
Her headbanging in the field more was hanging.
 Such uncontrollable head convulsions.
The darkest of hell persuasions.
 She was sucked into his game. Going home she could sense

  "Dead Sugar Mummy" dearest. 

Her  Black cracked tricky porn Full lips 
Humanitarian she was the black coffee psycho sips of the
 She charged out he was blackmailed.
Goth fucking system failed.
Her black Coffee erotica-creepy 4 1 chosen
 deadly sip.
Bad spell instinctual cup ritual black rose.
 Barista hot Vampire pose
Whose the fuck who is doing this?
 let's be realistic? 
Leaving people sadistically flying.

 How she was weaving, though, his tattoo skin. 
Such boiling bean "Tied up Web"
Creeping into his coffee way down in hell wake up!
I'm darkness and you are becoming so deadly
ass worthless.

She was tumbling spatted out like a dead black cat.
The paint was dripping splat coffee
 "Hell-Demented Coach" 
Her darkness sleeping well in your fucking cave. 
Like a Kangaroo pouch
Never to be saved. He left you crawling
Killing you softly cockroaches.

Remaining of his ashes she left in her
 Goth boiling pot mansion.
But the ritual's dark scheming cults
 bite me hard fashion.
They were lovers of the darkness, erotically
 touched by the demon.
Can you handle my torture just die hard? 
He covered me Goth nailed gloves.
Burning incense of poison cloves.

The black jacket sympathetic hearts of mates
She the Lady of darkness open spilled
 blood sucked into her mouth.
He circled her smoke turned into a blackout.
She's on to me devil made me screw it.
Her bean lover blew it
She was stuck in "Vampire Transylvania"

His Blood what a hell-raiser crime 
She was the Coffee neck biter. 
How he sucked on her deadly bean 
eyes are drawn in 
Those coffee beans kept slaved in 7 deadly sins.
 He's bringing my last deadly coffee black cat
Thirteen wicked chat's Grunge on.
A thrust deadly weight of a hard on

  She sipped her dark iced coffee deadly awake.
 looking at his nails of fangs the chill
He called her the phone rang.Popping more pills.
How the "Coffee international Vampire bars

 M for Master and W for Widow. B-M-W
 This is B for bean boiling. At the end his knife? 
The star of Porn coffee brutal life.
Falling into Vampirism stake?
There was nothing of realism to make.
That black muddy coffee whose to blame.

 Whoa! her chosen dead bean's what a high rise
This is her"Sticky Buns" Just roast up and run.
This was not getting better two I deadly rings.
The dark spider Apple tunes. Crawling
Their resting in the coffin house Babes crib.
Adam and Eve tainted terror my coffee beans.
So deep in the grind, he smashed her in the tub.
This is the Vampires Pub
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Bethany says:
12 Mar, 2018 02:21 PM

Wow, very deep and dark. I like it.

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