Anthony Kamm

02 May, 2017 04:31 AM
Creeping and crawling away in the dark,
Something is living within my heart.
High beyond the attic door,
There is a creature who screams with a mighty roar.

Writing alone in the dark by candlelight,
It whispers to me and gives me the frights.
Its horrifying tales are filled with gore,
Oh, how I wish I could write no more.

These dreaded tales of a world no more,
I am imprisoned by this wretched whore.
Piles of papers I stack on my desk,
Filled with scenes of what is grotesque.

I’m scared to read them of what I have done,
Knowing it was all about having fun.
I write them down from going insane,
While I crawl across this deserted plain.

Trapped in a world filled with monsters and bats,
How I can hear the screams of that old damn cat.
I listen and type this horrible play,
My conscious can’t stand it and tells it to go away.

I sit in my room thinking about my past,
Oh, how I wish these stories wouldn’t last.
I stay at my typewriter thinking of what to say,
Oh, how I wish the nightmares would stay away.

Goblins and scarecrows and some scary ghosts,
They all want to dance and get really close.
The creatures who wander inside my old mind,
I feel someday I’ll be one of their kind.

Ghostly apparitions stand alone in the rooms,
I think they wait for the hand of doom.
Speaking in moans and groans to warn,
I write down their thoughts of being reborn.

In the rooms behind these painted walls,
Lives an old man who does what he’s told.
He staggers about with a cane in his hand,
Telling the tales in the pages of sand.

Typing away in the gloomy cold,
I feel my fingers turning to mold.
Spiders and bats and a man- eating worm,
They chase me around with their ungodly germ.

Skeletons all covered in decaying dead,
As I lay quietly in my somewhat bed.
Creeping about the cobwebs of my mind,
Thinking about what to do with all of mankind.

I dream of places far from my dread,
Oh, how I wish the monsters were dead.
I sit alone with my horrible thoughts,
I think this is the end of a life once sought.
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Robin Carretti says:
11 Nov, 2017 11:23 PM

I love this word for word it is amazingly dark and creatively done. All the best to you

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