Death to the grave

J Jackson

23 May, 2017 10:07 PM
I want to burn all the heavens
just so i have a place that feels like home
I would tear the wings from an angels back 
if means that she would not roam
I would break your pretty little halo
so you couldnt see by its light
In darkness we will live forever
its the only place where things feel right
Tonight i wont burn my bridges
Ill salt them so my demons cant cross
Ill paint signs with blood in the midnight sky to remember all that iv lost A battle wages within me
tho from the outside no one would know

When others are around me my demons run and hide
But when im alone they put on a show
I fear they wont stop with the sound of my screams
That my blood and tears wont be enough
So ill rip out my soul that is blackend my heart scalded and hot to the touch A sacrafice is just what their after
But what do i have left to give
I given my mind to an angel
And the devil he knows where i live
A battle they wage in my head tonight
And this time the winner takes all
Because when my demons collide with an angel its hell to pay and i know i will fall
Tags: Ghost, Demon
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