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Fell's Kitchen


11 Oct, 2015 01:03 PM
The ingredients for success are simple.

To begin,
You require a heart full of conviction,
And a mind
Uncluttered by the distractions of this modern-day world.

Select a cup of shadows sublime,
Mix with a glass of moonbeams over ice,
Add a spoonful of laughter,
Then drizzle with the music of lunar flakes as they fall from on high.
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22 Feb, 2013 05:36 PM
Standing in the corridor...
Every sound sounds ten times louder
Ten times clearer
Ten times sharper
Even the tick from the clock is ringing in my ears

I'm not sure why I'm just standing here
Looking into the darkness of midnight
Standing here, alone, out of fright
The what's, 
The who's, 
The where's and
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