Fell's Kitchen


11 Oct, 2015 01:03 PM
The ingredients for success are simple.

To begin,
You require a heart full of conviction,
And a mind
Uncluttered by the distractions of this modern-day world.

Select a cup of shadows sublime,
Mix with a glass of moonbeams over ice,
Add a spoonful of laughter,
Then drizzle with the music of lunar flakes as they fall from on high.

Already you’re halfway there.

Fold in a generous helping of childish innocence
With a dash of mystery, and hope burning brightly.
Blend with the warmth you feel after a goodnight kiss
From the one you love, still warm on your lips.

Then wait...

Allow to stand until twelve o’clock,
And as the hour strikes, 
Add a final pinch of focus to the fell, harmonic resonance of snow chimes at midnight.

Then the veil will drop,
The call will come,
And you’ll see – at last,
Oh yes
You’ll see...
Tags: Dark, Fell, Midnight, Veil
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