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Morning Star

Zane A. Murray

12 May, 2016 08:14 PM
Many people have misconceptions and thoughts,
About Lucifer the archangel, that he is evil and will tie you in knots.
Or Satan, that means adversary, opposer, or one to question,
I don’t why they think they are evil, it’s their own obsession.

But really they are symbolic of the human nature that we all possess,
Without Satan in all of our hearts, we’re nothing but a robotic mess,
God isn’t doing a good job for me or lots of people on this planet,
Why does everyone count on “Jesus”, instead of Satan goddammit?!

I call myself a devout Satanist, one that indulges in my natural feelings,
I find that this type of philosophy is the most interesting and appealing,
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Darkness Visible


26 Aug, 2015 06:14 AM
I sit in solemn darkness.
For all is darkness. 

All the inhumane scum and vernom 
Scratch at my cage, trying to penetrate
Waiting for me to join them
and their status qou.

Nay. I stay 
huddled in my four-corner
prison of a world.
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Tags: Darkness, Anti-social, Alienation, Satan
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I welcome you, Devil

Dead Empty Soul

08 Nov, 2014 10:42 AM
Our hearts beating together;
A wind blow past your face, 
Grazing your cheek as your tears run down

The trees are haunting,
The stream is taunting;
Our fear is what keeps them alive,
Just for tonight

The witch is laughing,
Tearing down our wall we built together
She comes closer,
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Tags: Hell, Satan, Devils, Insanity, Darkness, Death, Pain
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Inner demons

light's enemy

12 Feb, 2014 09:46 PM
He lurks inside me
Grinning wide
Haunting a place that has never seen light

Lurking in my dreams
Haunting my sleep
Never leaving, but never to keep.

His putrid breath
flits across my face
"Kill them all and you'll be free"
He'd said.
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Tags: Demons, Satan, Insanity, Prisoner
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The Children of the Night.

Thomas VaughanJones

19 Feb, 2013 05:51 PM
The moon is full and shining
It fills us with delight
It's time we went out hunting
We children of the night

Listen to us calling
The night is clear and still
And nature sits with bated breath
As we run down our kill

The mystery of our Moon Song
Will fill your heart with dread
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Tags: Darkness, Satan, Night, Vampire, Wearwolf, Dark Creature
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Devils Apocolypse

David Bull

06 Apr, 2012 07:51 PM
Hollow moons illuminate the skies
The end is here now begins the cries

The battle begins on a stormy night
The devil orders his latest strike

It’s time for a sacrificial moment
The stench of death becoming so potent

Hell hounds released and leap across rivers
Hypnotic serpent eyes follow with bodies that slither
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Tags: Satan, Devil, Apocolypse, Dark, Horror, Hell
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