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Sanguine Fervour

Kerry Valkyrie Baldock Kelly

17 Jun, 2015 01:53 PM
You're welcome in! I've seen you....In my dreams, as in life, 
Echoing the velvet onyx abyss of your soulless heart,
And sweetly enshrouded with the eternal stench of history's charm.

The doors, portcullis to my chamber, lay stark wide,
permitting pure precipitation to flood the ivory gateway,
In readiness for your empowering presence.

I recline as the embers cool....
The oak clock clangs breaking the deftly silence of my creamy satin nest,
The sound ceases filling my body with fear and anticipation.
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Tags: Vampire, Death, Lust, Sadness
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She smiled

Jack Sorenson

13 Jul, 2014 02:23 AM
Her sweet blue little eyes were looking so very sad
Her little sweet lips as her closed mouth were stitched closed
Now she turned into a dark torment frown.
Why does this little Lady feel so bad?
I’ll never rightly know?

What is causing her to be cover in fresh blood
The young lady she then just smiled?
Toward me, she stands upright, standing alone into the darkness

Of the cold winter night were I came across her
Now standing before my block,
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Tags: Kill, Blood, Vampire, Violence
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Kiss of the Vampire

Thomas VaughanJones

18 Mar, 2013 07:53 PM
Take my hand, my love, and look 
beyond the feral redness of my eyes.
Ignore the black and empty void
where once a soul reclined,
and swirling whirlpools of a manic mind
crave for your sustenance.

Allow this taloned claw
to mold around your tender breast
teasing the nipple and
caressing the moistness of
your secret places
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Tags: Vampire, Kiss, Blood
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The Children of the Night.

Thomas VaughanJones

19 Feb, 2013 05:51 PM
The moon is full and shining
It fills us with delight
It's time we went out hunting
We children of the night

Listen to us calling
The night is clear and still
And nature sits with bated breath
As we run down our kill

The mystery of our Moon Song
Will fill your heart with dread
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Tags: Darkness, Satan, Night, Vampire, Wearwolf, Dark Creature
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Blood, a gift

Kaiza Urai

12 Feb, 2013 07:29 PM
Am I really so unusual
Am I such an awful thing?
That I deserved such prejudice
From you who acts as king?

Look at yourself, so noble and wise
An emperor so bold
To slay your own kin without thought
To keep your stash of gold

I tell you, king, Sir Demigod
All things that live must end
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Tags: Vampire, Blood, Death, Love, Monster, Truth, Slay, Life, Living, Evil, Sin
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my hurt

Mark Lestat

20 Oct, 2012 03:48 PM
I don't care any more
I don't care if you wanna go
I don't care if I will be lone
I don't care if you dead or still A life            

... because I swear I don't care 
just go and leave this all behind 
.. because I'm Over it
I'm over it to be Forsaken

maybe I will cry A river   
but I will build a bridge and get over it
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Tags: My Hurt, Vampire, Dark, Heartbroken
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Mark Lestat

20 Oct, 2012 03:47 PM
when my reason in life leaves me    
alone in a dark cold world 
a world where anobody cannot one see me 
only you my beautiful vampire
we hiding from any one else
and I like it cause you're with me        
cause you're every thing to me

we were running and playing here and there in the old town  in the dark under the moon light 
making every one scared from your evil laughs        
now its too dark to see    cause you are not with me 
why you play games with this old heart
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Tags: Forsaken, Vampire, Dark, Suffering
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my sorrow

Mark Lestat

20 Oct, 2012 03:49 PM
My queen my dark shadow
 my love my vampire
a vampire girl sucking my blood and my soul..
 I'm so lost without you          
and I'm hurt when I be with you
fading to black from your cold words 
I'm dying... why are you watching me dying?       
when you know I'm so in love with you
 with your dark soul 
with your dark eye line
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Tags: Sad, Dark, Vampire, Goth
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Just Another Vampire Wannabe


24 Sep, 2012 05:06 PM
It is a night of death, 
A song of sorrow,  
The wolves vent their pain,  
The immortal one rises.  

Evil shrouds her deathly form,  
An eternal fear.  

Her raven hair cascades over pale shoulders,  
And her full blood red lips part slightly,  
To taste the blood streaming,  
From the pale flesh beneath her.
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Tags: Vampire
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