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We are bound by all these rules. The only problem is, these rules protect only a certain amount of people.

- Chad M. Lagiza
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This world needs a fresh start. But the only reboot system available is suicide.

- Chad M. Lagiza

While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.

- Leonardo da Vinci

I believe that a good man does bad with good intentions. But does a bad man do bad with no intentions? Or good with bad intentions?


Life is merely an illusion, incarcerated by the dark corruption of tyrannical Gods who deal the fear of their wrath in order to gain supremacy.
Death, on the other hand, is release. The freedom to traverse the cosmos in search of knowledge and truth.
Only Death can emancipate your soul.

- Borloff
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Life kills us. Death sets us free.


I live, I breath , I am alive. But do I feel ...? Remorse nor symphony.
When one falls why cry , you can't bring the dead back to life.

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Pitied souls shall be trampled by the death tolls of hell. For life in it's certainty is all an illusion bleak from the human mind. The path you've chosen to take, never leads you into a world of happiness, but into a dark void of despair that you cannot relapse back into reality. Arrogance and foolishness only leads you too far from the path that darkens your fate into a cold abyss but keeping a silent mind will leave you in a perpetual doom.

- Dexter Wyvern

''life is just a play written by god , and each one plays his own until its end by death''

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It chases you forever and ever, until one day it catches up with you. Do you really think you can escape your own downfall?