My Love

Brittany Revis

18 Aug, 2013 08:01 AM
My love, my love.
Oh, where could you be?
Six feet under and waiting for me. 

My heart, my soul,
Please breath for me.
The sickness dwells
in you and in me.

Take away my pain, 
Please show no shame~
I will love you forever, 
And never ever say 'never'.
You are perfect for me, 
we think the same way you see.

The way we see things eye to eye,
The loneliness that hides inside.
Sing a song to drowned the pain,
And drink enough beer, 
to forget the shame,
of a long lost love. 

But no wait! 
He's still here~
You keep him here with your knife,
Hands up and bound,
No way he'll fight. 

The drug is wearing thin,
and your thoughts are caving in. 
Wait until the sunrise.
He'll be sure to die~


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Felicia owens says:
13 Nov, 2013 03:04 PM

Interesting way of putting love. Very clever. Would u mind it being published in a goth magazine?

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Mantas says:
23 Nov, 2013 05:40 AM

look im not usually rinomtac but when im with you i feel like the moon shines just for us just so i can see your beautiful eyes i love you so much and i wish you could relise it cuz for you ill be your hopeless rinomtac<3

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Dr. Stein says:
03 Apr, 2014 01:51 PM

Very nice poem I must say, I wanted you to know that I think you are very beautiful form your picture and I think we would be good freinds.

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