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She smiled

Jack Sorenson

13 Jul, 2014 02:23 AM
Her sweet blue little eyes were looking so very sad
Her little sweet lips as her closed mouth were stitched closed
Now she turned into a dark torment frown.
Why does this little Lady feel so bad?
I’ll never rightly know?

What is causing her to be cover in fresh blood
The young lady she then just smiled?
Toward me, she stands upright, standing alone into the darkness

Of the cold winter night were I came across her
Now standing before my block,
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Tags: Kill, Blood, Vampire, Violence
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Not Relevant

23 Feb, 2014 02:29 AM
I have a rage inside me. Something I need to control, but I do not want to.
I know that should I fail to control it, bad things will happen.
It will be worse than how it is now. But
I still want to release it. Not
In the way of batting cages, or drawing, or writing, but
In the way of violence. Real, painful violence. Never towards myself. Not anymore. 

Her is who I want to 
Hit. Over and over, until my
Hands are bleeding, and then more. Until I
Hear her stop crying for
Help. And her
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Tags: Death, Hate, Depression, Murder, Kill, Killing, Violence, Suicide, Anger, Angry, Mad, Hatred, Hurt, Hurting, Damag
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You're dead.


22 Jan, 2014 03:25 AM
You're being held down.
Held down by you're demons 
You can't breath 
You can't take it anymore 
No one will care 
No one will notice
The time has come 
Grab the knife 
Grab the pills 
Grab the rope 
Write you're note..
You're dying
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Tags: Death, Suicide, Alone, Demons, Dead, Gone, Hell, Pain, Kill, Gun, Rope, Pills
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Monster Inside Me

Mystic Gothic

10 Oct, 2013 07:52 PM
The creature inside me is a monster,
It wants to kill, it wants to eat them,

I can't control myself, it won't disappear,
Darkness falls in, the monster inside me comes out,

To kill and eat them, I can't control myself,
Waking up, don't remember what happen,

I can't control myself, the monster wants to
kill them and eat them, darkness falls in,
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Tags: Monster, Kill, Darkness, Creature
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My Love

Brittany Revis

18 Aug, 2013 08:01 AM
My love, my love.
Oh, where could you be?
Six feet under and waiting for me. 

My heart, my soul,
Please breath for me.
The sickness dwells
in you and in me.

Take away my pain, 
Please show no shame~
I will love you forever,
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Tags: Love, Dahmer, Death, Murder, Forever, Kill, Keep, Company, Lovers, Peace, Leave, Souls, Close, Shame, Die, Alcohol
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Smash my Brain

Raven Wolff

05 Oct, 2012 05:06 AM
cut me up,
tear me down,
feed me to the birds.
Make me feel no pain,

I cry out, 
but no one can,
can end my suffering,
end my pain.
I'm broken,
far to broken to be fixed.
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Tags: Kill, Death, Dark, Suffering, Pain, Drown, Cut, Beat
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Beautiful Ending


22 Jun, 2012 08:45 PM
I like the pleasure from the bleed 
The way the blade caresses me 
Leaking the warmth down my arm 
I love the feeling of the sharpness ripping 
Making every mark do its dripping 

I love the rush 
The blade loves me to 
Showing me just how much i mean to it 
Feeling so refreshed after a cigarette is lit 

I love the satisfaction of self inflicted pain
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Tags: Blood, Kill, Pain, Death, Dark
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