Love is pain. ...Pain is love


29 May, 2017 05:14 PM
My life is no longer my own
Controlled by forces out of my control
Why did he hurt me, why did he cheat.
I break down and cry...
So many many tears.

I yell why me, why again, please tell me
All I hear is silence and the lightly blowing wind.

I dream of a place high and far away
A place where peace lives
Where hurt cannot touch me.

Tired of this life..death I embrace...

Weak you think me
Strong you think of you
You speak as though you have lived my tribulations..
And experienced what I've been through.
I am not weak, I am stronger then you.

I embrace the darkness 
Hunger for the feel of deaths kiss
Knowing peace will soon be mine atlast.
You on the other hand, cry and mourn in self pity and fear
When your death is advancing near, soon to come to pass.

My only fear the only one... can God forgive me..can He understand,
I do not wish to disobey him and commit mortal sin
I hope He can understand this pain this sadness of this life 
It's just to much for me to live.

Years of pain, millions of tears
One weight to many on my shoulders to bear
I am ready to pass over to whatever place lies beyond

Darkness envelopes me, my body still and so very cold
From above I see myself, I smile
I say rest is now mine, pain is no more... love is no more
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