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Pride Ed

27 May, 2014 04:13 AM
I found God in
an abandoned house. Rays
slicing through old dust 
like a knife. The same 
window where she prayed 
for impossible things. 

 Her  cries as sharp as that light. 
It shines through her unhappy memory, 
and I stir up her shrieks for 
peace and forgiveness in 
the creaks and cracks of the
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Tags: Atheism, Sadness, Death, God, Ghosts
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Together Forever

Xyla Baites

21 Aug, 2013 07:42 PM
They lay together in the dark,
And rise as ghosts in the night.
They haunt the pool, the house, the park,
Avoiding, of course, all sources of light. 

Arms tightly wound around each other,
Never letting go. 
Sealed in a coffin so tight, 
Escape is impossible. 

They hate the other. 
One would rather throw his soul into oblivion.
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Tags: Ghosts, Soul, Dark World, Pain
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