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The Madhouse


17 Sep, 2015 06:31 PM
There is blood on the walls, and bodies on the ceiling
Everything about this place is extremely unappealing 
In this madhouse every one is depressed
This place is disgusting, and misery is our pest
We have no exterminator to keep this pest out
We will spend our life in this place no doubt

I do not lie when I say that I have done bad things
And just thinking about them make my eyes sting 
In life you can't take back what you've done
You just need to face your mistakes because they can't be outrun
Running won't get you anywhere, trust me iv'e tried
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Tags: Depressed, Regret, Blood, Misery, Pest, Madhouse, Graphic
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Wasteful Existence

Austin Jones

26 Apr, 2015 08:01 PM
This darkened world 
Full of death, evil, despair
I walk along an empty road
leading to absolutely nothing, nowhere

It simply goes on and on
Until forever ends
I am no exception
Despair will come for me
Yes, this I am sure of
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Tags: Suffering, Despair, Misery
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Hate life, Hate me.


16 Jun, 2014 07:13 AM
God I hate life,
God I hate me,

I just wish there was more,
more to see,

Than the blackened remains,
Of my burned-out soul,

Or the bleeding love,
That my heart controls,
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Tags: Fear, Pain, Misery, Abuse, Hate, Suicide, Sad, Suffering, Selfharm, Sorrow
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