~My Mask~

Midnyt Ravyn

23 Jul, 2016 06:31 PM
Tried to kill the pain only brought more
Running from the truth 
A disguise I secretly hide
Behind my mask that conceals the lie

Enveloped in my darkness
Smothered in my demise
I'm the burning embers
The ashes in the fire

I fall into the nothing I become
Losing control coming undone
Thoughts reigning down one by one
The storm is raging in my head

I'm going under gasping for air
I'm drowning in my river of despair
Running from the truth 
Hiding from the past

Denying the lie hiding behind
The mask reveals the reality I fear
I lose all hope blinded by tears
I can't see past my sorrow here

Visions of my troubled past appear
Shadows my darkened heart 
Suffocating in my misery 
The noise in my head is loud 

Running from the truth 
Hiding behind a mask
That reveals the story of my painful past 
Wishing for the death of my torment to end fast 

Can I ever be free of that? 
To feel peace and comfort inside?
To find the real me live a life I never had?
Just wishful thinking an evil joke 
My demons play in my head.
Tags: Pain, Depression
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